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Have you been inspired by the work and tenacity of an HRD (Human Rights Defender)? Please share their story with everyone here in the comments below.

This project probably would never have happened if photographer Luke Duggleby didn’t hear the story of HRDs, Ms. Montha Chukaew and Ms. Pranee Boonrat.

Thailand's Murdered and Abducted Activists and Human Rights Defenders (photo by Luke Duggleby / Protection International)
Ms Montha Chukaew, 54, and Ms Pranee Boonrat, 50, were shot and killed while they were on their way to a local market on 19 November 2012. They were members of the Southern Peasants’ Federation of Thailand (SPFT). The SPFT is a landless peasants’ network formed in 2008 campaigning for the right to agricultural land in the Khlong Sai Pattana community, Surat Thani Province. To intimidate the community further, the gunmen mutilated the bodies of these women. (photo Luke Duggleby / Protection International)

Learn more about Luke’s journey in creating the photo essay,
For Those Who Died Trying:

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